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Monday, June 16, 2008


Perhaps I was premature in posting my referral information in the middle of the excitement. I am sorting through some issues right now so that I can make the best decision. I am not allowing comments while I go through this.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What to do, What to do????

What does one do the night before they become a parent? (Well, close to becoming a parent). I've spent the day uber nesting. All the Tupperware is now in the bottom drawer in the kitchen just begging to be played with. The many (and I do mean many) fountain of youth lotions, creams and potions are now on the highest shelf in the bathroom. The yard is mulched (although there's always room for more). The papers are organized. The file of referral related information has been reviewed. The list of referral activities/calls is finalized. The video camera is charged. The freezer is stocked with single serving meals. What am I missing??

Friday, June 06, 2008

Holy Blogline Batman!! Yowzer!

I've doubled the votes on the poll in one day! And the ticker is increasing exponentially! Wait 'til I've got a photo to post!! The votes are leaning towards a Jiangxi baby.

So, for those of you not in Rumor Queen land, word on the street is that packages are arriving at agencies on Monday via DHL. If then ends up being the case, and they are in fact referrals, then I should receive a phone call Monday afternoon and will post the information as soon as I can. I think may be the real deal this time. I'm so confident, I may even wear my "Lucky Mommy" shirt to work.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Possibly In The Air???

There's been a couple comments floating about that referrals were mailed. Not sure when, so I hesitate to predict when they'll arrive at the agencies. Part of me thinks we won't get the call until next week, but maybe, just maybe they'll get here this week.

Oh, and an update on the snake...he's gone...and apparently on his own accord. So maybe he was just having a "My belly's full nap"!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

False Labor...sorry!

So the guy who posted, "We Got The Call", actually only got a call that he is in this batch. They won't get their actual "Referral Call" until next week. It was good practice and trial run.

Real or Not Real Rumor???

So someone just posted on Rumor Queen that they got the call and their LID is also 1-16-06. This is somewhat out of the blue, so I'd like to hear from someone else that they got the call. But just to be sure, I gave my co-worker the 30 seconds lesson on operating the video camera and put on some lipstick!! LOL

One another note, another rumor just posted is that the cut-off this month is 1-22-06, which is fantastic...a 10 day batch!!

Stay tuned...this may be another false alarm.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Year of the Snake

So this has nothing to do with referrals, adoption, Rumor Queen or China. But look what's in my backyard!! You think he's sleeping? He looks like he ate something that got caught 3/4 of the way down. I'm hoping the lawn guy will take care of it next time he mows. Either that, or I can probably entice the 11 year old boy next door to do the job.
Nothing new to report on the rumor front. I've reset my expectations to get a call by Friday.

Hola, Spanish Rumor Queen

There is a new post on the Spanish Rumor Queen blog this morning that reports that matching is complete and is waiting for "allocation" and the CCAA has asked for "patience". The translation is confusing, but my take is that matching is complete and the referrals need to be signed off by the Director (or some appropriate personnel) and that person or persons is currently dealing with Earthquake recovery needs. That person or persons may even be in Sichuan. So we wait. As disappointing as this is, who would have thought that China would be dealing with this disaster and that is certainly the priority.

And as a side note, "Yes, Dad, there is a Spanish Rumor Queen"!

Monday, June 02, 2008


Someone has posted on the Jan Yahoo board that her friend just got off the phone with her agency and they reported to her that Matching had NOT started, but will this week. I don't know what to say! There were two separate rumors from 5-22-08 and 5-27-08 of agencies reporting that mathcing was taking place and the timing would be right in line with past timelines.

So, if this is the case...go back to work...won't hear anything new probably until the end of the week. Sorry for the false alarm.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Keep an Eye on the Blog...

I haven't heard anything, but will post to the blog as soon as I do. It has been strangely quiet in Rumor World, so we may get a surprise landing of referrals with the morning DHL delivery to agencies. DHL will make their delivery to the agencies by 10:30am and then start making calls around 11:30. My agency is in the Midwest, so they're an hour behind, so I'm not expecting to hear anything until the afternoon. Now this whole scenario could take place on Monday, Tuesday, get the picture. As I write this, it is 9:40am Monday morning in China. Hopefully I'll wake up to some rumors coming out of Europe.

Beijing, China

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