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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

12 Months down...6, 7, or 8 Months to Go!!!

Today marked the One Year Anniversary of my dossier being logged into China. I celebrated with a dinner at Forbidden City with Ray, who has vowed to take responsibility for Mary Alice's Asian culture education. This is concerning to me, as Ray's favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day and he is Phillippino. Should be interesting. He insists that he is 1/16th Chinese.

Its hard to believe that a year has passed and I'm closer to the start of my journey. Its also hard to believe that I've had to start the paperwork to renew my US government approval to adopt, along with my fingerprints. I must say I had it pretty easy in gathering the needed documents:

1) Medical Update verifying my mental and physical capabilities.
2) Employer's Statement verifying my "employability and income"
3) Local police department record verifying I haven't been arrested.
4) Florida Department of Law Enforcement clearance
5) Florida Department of Children and Families verifying that I haven't abused any kids.
6) Copies of my most recent tax return
7) Revised Homestudy by my social worker
8) Completed I-600A Petition to Adopt form
9) Couple of cashier's checks to send to the government

I'll be glad when I complete my fingerprints and I receive my new I-171H approval. Then I can go back to focusing on the fun projects. More on attachment/bonding issues to come...stay tuned.

Beijing, China

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