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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steady She Goes....

Well, there are two good points to make on the progress of the CCAA.

1) December dossiers are out of the review room, so that means January is currently being checked out...and that's me! I haven't heard anything from my agency...yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2) They were able to get through 18 days of LID's this time.

The bad news.

1) They were only able to get through 18 days of LID's this time. Many were hoping they would get to at least 8-23-06. Rumor has it that 8-24-06 has a large number of dossiers, so they may not even get through August with the October referrals.

THE WAIT IS NOW 14 MONTHS FROM LOG-IN-DATE. That means, if things don't change, I can expect to receive my referral in March/April and travel in May/June of 2007.

Beijing, China

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