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Join me as I journey to China to find my daughter, Mary Alice.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back again with more photos...

These photos are months old and its amazing how much older MA looks to me now when I see them. By the time I catch up to current photos, it could be 2013, but I'll forge ahead. I'm even further behind in making photobooks. But for now my goal is to not fall asleep while trying to bid on a Princess Jasmine costume for Halloween on eBay.


Blogger Stephe said...

Adorable! You can tell though that they are older photos!!! I think I'm bidding against you!! lol. nah, just kidding but seriously the other day I was looking at Jasmine costumes on ebay, then my car died. lol. Hope you win it! She'll LOVE it!

8:38 AM  

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